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House special

Chattyang $16
Infuse tequila pepper, lime, contreau, passionfruit & agave
Fuzzy Gin $17
London dry gin, aperol, lemon, egg white
Gurkha in the House $15
Captain Morgan rum , hm bitter, spiced syrup and cinnamon
Hariyali $17
London dry gin, matcha syrup, lemon & egg white
OG Kasthamandap Smoked Barrel $18
Infused with woodinville bourbon in barrel, HM Bitters and Agave
MyChayang $15
Bacardi, coconut, lime & Agave
Sanu Maya $16
Jameson Irish Whiskey, lemon agave and orange bitters
Vodka Rani $16
Titos Vodka, cucumber, thyme syrup, lime
Kasthamandap 75 $16
Roku Gin, lemon juice , agave, topped with champagne
Laliguras $16
Haku Vodka, lemon juice, chomoy sauce, and agave syrup
Expresso Martini $17
Haku Vodka. Cafe liqueur, & freshly brewed expresso

Kasthamandap Brunch
Serving All Day, Everyday

Kasthamandap Curry Set $12.79
Basmati rice served with aloo jimbu, tomato chutney, raddish pickle, papad, yogurt and curry of your choice| Vegetable $12.79| Chicken $13.79|Pork $14.79| Goat $15.79 | Fish $15.79 |
Tingmo Set $15.79
2 pcs of tingmo served with black chickpeas, potatoes and choice of chilly ( Chicken/ Pork/ Aloo/ Paneer/ Beef)
Phapar Roti Set (Buckwheat Bread) $14.79
4 pc of buckwheat bread served with aloo jimbu timur , 2 eggs, salad and house chutney
Gwaramari Set $14.79
4 puff fried dough served with black chickpeas and potatoes, eggs, salad and tomato chutney.
Gwaramari (Serving All Day )
Phapar Roti Set(Serving All Day )
Tingmo Set (Serving All Day )
Kasthamandap Curry Set

Chefs Favorites

Kasthamandap Platter
Momo Platter
Khaja Set
Kasthamandap Chopsuey
Kasthamandap Chopsuey
Kasthamandap Platter $32.79
A combination platter with 2 fried chicken, 2 sausage, 4 Steam chicken MoMo, Aalu Achar, Sadeko Peanuts, Wai-Wai Chatpatey and Salad
MO:MO Platter $24.79+
Assorted 4 types of momo, 4 pieces each ( Steam, Fried, Kothey & Chilly) served with 2 house chutney. (Veg $24.79/ Chicken $26.79/ Pork 26.79/ Beef 27.79)
Chatamari (Nepali Pizza) $15.79
Rice crepe topped with minced meat, vegetables and an egg | (Chicken/Vegetable)
Khaja Set $17.79
Traditional Nepali snack platter with Choila(Chicken/Pork), Mula Achar, Aalu Achar, Bhatmas Sadeko, Beaten Rice and Salad
Gwaramari Set $14.79
4 Puff fried dough served with black chickpeas and potatoes, eggs, salad and tomato chutney
Tingmo Set $15.79
2 pcs of tingmo served with black chickpeas, potatoes and choice of chilly ( Chicken/ Pork/ Aloo/ Paneer/ Beef)
Volcano MoMo $16.79
Served with spicy Himalayan soup in a pot (Chicken $16.79/ Pork 18.79/ Beef 18.79)
Kasthamandap Chopsuey $14.79
Crispy Noodles with mix veggies in a chef special gravy sauce crowned with sunny side up egg |Chicken $15.79|
Volcano Momo
Volcano MO:MO




Bhatmas/Peanuts Sadeko $8.79
Roasted soybean/peanuts mixed with spices, onion, green chili, sliced garlic, ginger & lemon juice
Chicken/Pork Choila $13.79+
Fresh boneless chicken/pork grilled and marinated with onion, sliced ginger, garlic, green chili, cilantro, Himalayan spices and fresh lemon juice. (chicken $13.79 / pork $15.79)
Masala Papad $7.79
Crispy Lentil chips topped with spicy and tangy Nepali style salsa
Pani puri $9.79
Crispy hollow fried dough balls (Puri) stuffed with spiced potato, chickpeas, onions, and served with spicy tangy water)
Piro Kakra $7.79
4 Slices of fresh cucumber served with chef’s special spice
Prawn $5.79
Crispy fried prawn crackers
Waiwai Chatpate $8.79
Dried Nepali noodles marinated with spices, onion, green chili and drop of fresh lemon juice
Mixed Salad $8.79
Mixed slices of fresh Daikon, Carrot & Cucumber served with chef special spices
Waiwai Chatpate
Pani Puri


Aloo Chilly $10.79
Fried potatoes, tossed in spicy, sweet & sour chili sauce with garlic, tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, green chili, and cilantro
Aloo Sukuti $17.79
Sauteed Dried buff meat and potatoes served with himalayan herbs
Aloo (Timur/Jimbu) $10.79
Sauteed potatoes served with Sichuan pepper with himalayan herbs and spices
Buff Sukuti $19.79
Dried buff meat sauteed with onion, tomatoes, green chili and spices
Chilly(Chicken/Pork/Beef) – ($13.79/$14.79/$15.79)
Fresh boneless chicken/pork/beef sauteed with garlic, tomato, onion, bell peppers, green chili, cilantro tossed in chef’s special chili sauce(Chicken $13.79/ Pork $14.79/Beef $15.79)
Chicken Gizzard Bhuteko Pangra – $12.79
Stir-fried with onion, tomatoes, green chili and himalayan herbs
Chicken Sekuwa $12.79
Skewered chicken BBQ marinated in a blend of himalayan herbs & spices
Rahu Fried Fish $16.79
Seasoned deep fried fish served with our house special chutney
Calamari $14.79
Crispy battered fried calamari served with sweet chili sauce.
Buddha Delight 10.79
Stir fry veghies bokchoy, carrot, paneer, onion, garlic and lightly salted
Aloo (Timur/Jimbu)


Edamame (kosa) $8.79
Lightly salted fresh Steamed green soybeans
Spinach Fry $7.79
Stir Fry Fresh Baby Spinach With Aromatic Garlic, Chile Paste And Salt
Goat Bhuttan $16.79
Goat intestine stir-fried with green chili, onion and himalayan herbs
Kasthamandap Wings $12.79
5 pcs of Chicken wings marinated in Chef’s special spices
Masala Fries $10.79
French fries seasoned with homemade spices
Paneer Chilly $12.79
Crispy fried paneer served with sauteed veggies
Pork Ribs $15.79
Marinated with chef’s special spice and pan fried
Sausage Chilly (chicken) $13.79
Chicken sausage sauteed with garlic, tomatoes, onion, bell peppers, green chilly, cilantro tossed in slightly spicy, sweet & sour chilly sauce)
Shabalay $14.79
Handmade dough stuffed with seasoned minced choice of meat served with homemade chutney (Chicken/Beef +$2.00)
Pork Ribs
Buddha Delight


Jhol MoMo
Chowmein $12.79+
Nepalese style stir fried noodles with choice of meat mixed with chopped cabbage, carrot, bell pepper, garlic, onion garnished with scallion and cilantro.
Vegetable Chowmein $12.79 / (Chicken/Beef/Pork) Chowmein $14.79 / Add extra egg for $2.79
Keema Noodles $14.79+
Steam noodles served with fresh garlic, peanuts and red chili paste with choice of keema meat Chicken/Beef $14.79/$16.79
Keema Burger $12.79+
Keema Burger of your choice of meat (Chicken or Beef), served with cheese, lettuce, tomato, onions and Kasthamandap fries. Chicken $12.79 | Beef $14.79
Fried rice $12.79+
Vegetable Fried rice $12.79 / Chicken Fried Rice $14.79 / (Beef or Pork) Fried Rice $14.79
Himalayan Dumplings (MoMo) $12.79+
Ground meat, onions, scallion, cilantro, ginger and garlic wrapped in handmade dough. | Vegetable MoMo $12.79 | Pork MoMo $14.79 | Chicken MoMo $14.79 | Beef MoMo $15.79 | Choice of (Steamed / Kothey +$2 / Fried + $2 / Jhol + $2)
Crispy MoMo $13.79
coated and breaded with breadcrumb deep fried until golden brown texture served with Vegetable | Chicken + $2.00 | Pork + $2.00 | Beef + $3.00
Chilli MoMo $13.79+
Fried dumplings sauteed in aromatic tomato chilly sauce with onion and curry leaves | Vegetable MoMo | Pork MoMo +$2.00 | Chicken MoMo + $2.00 | Beef MoMo + $3.00 |
Thukpa Noodle Soup $11.79+
Popular Tibetan noodles soup mixed with chopped garlic, cabbage, carrot, green pepper with choice of meat. | Vegetable Thukpa $11.79 | Chicken Thukpa $13.79 | (Beef/Pork) Thukpa $13.79 | Add extra egg for $2.79 |

Side Orders

Jasmine Rice $2.79
Tingmo (2pcs) $5.79
Phapar Roti $6.79
Chicken Sausage (2pcs) $6.79
Gwaramari (4pcs) $4.79
Bhuteko Chura $3.79
Bhuja $2.79
Masala Omelet $4.79
Eggs $2.79
Chana Aloo $6.79
Papad (2pcs) $2.79


Choco lava Cake $9.79
Molten chocolate cake topped with vanilla ice cream
Ice Cream $5.79
2 scoop of ice cream Vanilla
Mixbari (Rasbari & Lalmol) $6.79
1 each pcs of Rasbari and lalmol served on top of yogurt
Tiramisu Cake $9.79
Alternating layers of mascarpone cream and espresso dipped ladyfingers dusted with cocoa powder.
Choco lava cake



Panna Water $5.79
Soda $2.79
Coke/Sprite/Ginger ale
Juice $3.79
Orange/ Pineapple/ Cranberry
Sparkling water $5.79
Sweet Lassi $4.79
Mango Lassi $5.79
Red bull $6
Watermelon / Original


Darjeeling Tea $4
Organic Green Tea $3.79
Jasmine/ Lavender/ Chamomile
Kasthamandap Coffee $3.79
Freshly Brewed
Cafe Latte $5.79
Cappuccino $5.79
Café Mocha $5.79
Detox Ginger Lemon Honey $5.79
Caramel Macchiato $6.79
Kasthamandap Hot Chocolate $4.79

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